« Make healthy hydration the new norm »

À propos de nous

Nous pensons que le meilleur moyen de s’hydrater est de boire de l’eau.

10 years of Hydration Science

En 2018, Hydration for Health a célébré le 10ème anniversaire de sa conférence scientifique annuelle.

Retour sur ces dix dernières années, dix ans de science de l'hydratation avec ses principaux protagonistes.

Création de la Hydration for Health Academy

Water is a forgotten nutrient. The Hydration for Health academy was developed to create a common core of knowledge in hydration science. It was inspired by scientists and students in the various fields of physiology, nutrition and public health.

The Course 1: Hydration Basics is now online and other courses will be uploaded soon.

The on-site version of the Hydration for Health Academy takes place during the Annual Hydration for Health Scientific Conference in Evian, France.

Learn more about the genesis of the Academy : “Creation of the Hydration for Health Academy”.