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IHWG Online Conference, 2020

Indonesian Healthy Hydration Working group - Online Conference, October 8th-15th 2020

Since 2012, the Indonesian Healthy Hydration Working group (IHWG) collaborates with the Department of Nutrition Science from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Jakarta to organize an annual Hydration Masterclass.

The objective of this class is to nourish nutritionists, nurses and medical doctors with the basic knowledge on hydration science as well as clinical evidence linking water to health.

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This year, IHWG celebrates its 8 years of existence. For the occasion, two webinars dedicated to Hydration and Health are organized, in Bahasa.

1 . Healthy hydration and Hydrogenic environment

with Dr Diana Sunardi, Dr Karyanto Wibowo and Dr Ari Fahrial Syam as a keynote speaker.

  • Want to drink healthier? Drink water regularly to activate your desire for it! 7
  • Want to teach your children to drink more water? Make it fun: make a toast before each glass of water.
  • Want to be well hydrated? Keep water at hand throughout the day.
  • Do you forget to drink water? Keep water at hand throughout the day.

2. Healthy Hydration and non communicable disease

with Dr Pringgodigdo Nugroho, Dr Saptawati Bardosono and Dr Erica Perrier.

  • Recurring kidney stones? Drink water! 1
  • Drink water to help you stay free of recurrent urinary tract infections 2
  • Drink water to help you overcome the misery of kidney stones 3
  • High water intake has been linked to lower risk of chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury 4
  • Do you suffer from kidney stones? Drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of recurrences 5
  • Take care of your kidneys: drink water! 6

Happy Birthday IHWG!