« Make healthy hydration the new norm »

Why does cardiovascular risk increase in winter? Does hydration matter?

By Sofia Enhörning

Recorded on 22/06/2022

2022 edition water science


Associate Professor Sofia Enhörning is a scientist at the department of Clinical Sciences at Lund University and a medical doctor at the Department of Internal Medicine at Skane University Hospital in Malmö, Sweden. She graduated from medical school at Lund University and obtained her Ph.D degree in Internal Medicine at Lund University. Her research has focused on genetical and epidemiological studies of the vasopressin system and its links to metabolic and cardiovascular disease. She is currently focusing on experimental intervention studies, investigating the role of hydration on the vasopressin system and glucose regulation, and on epidemiological studies, investigating the links between the vasopressin marker copeptin and cardiometabolic disease. Dr. Enhörning has received the Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes (SSSD) Young Investigation Award and the ”best clinical diabetes thesis of the year” award in 2012 from the Swedish Society for Diabetology. In 2016, she was awarded with the Hydration and Kidney Health Grant.