« Make healthy hydration the new norm »

Have we lost sight of what safe water means?

By John Fawell

Recorded on 22/06/2022

2022 edition water science


Professor John Fawell has worked in the field of drinking water quality for over 40 years, first at the UK Water Research Centre and later as an independent consultant. He has been involved in research on and risk assessment of a wide range of drinking water contaminants and constituents. He has been a member of the team working on the WHO Guidelines for drinking water quality since 1986 and is an author on many WHO advisory and supporting documents. He remains a member of the WHO expert committee on the Guidelines and works closely with WHO regional offices, particularly European Office through which he was one of the main authors of the advisory document for the European Commission on the revision of the European drinking water directive. Professor Fawell is a visiting professor at Cranfield University Institute for Water Science and has provided advice to governments in many parts of the world.