« Make healthy hydration the new norm »

A journey through the early evidence linking hydration to metabolic health

By Dr. Tiphaine Vanhaecke

Recorded on 24/07/2020

metabolic health


About the speaker

Tiphaine Vanhaecke is a health and hydration physiology scientist at Danone Research, where she investigates the relationships between hydration and metabolic health

She earned her MS in food science from AgroSup Dijon, France and worked for nutrition divisions of food industries where she developed analytical methods to evaluate the residual activity of bioactive compounds in various food matrices. 

Passionate about understanding how nutrition impacts health, Tiphaine pursued a Ph.D in Gut Physiology and Nutrition at the University of Nantes, France where she studied the impact of early nutrition on the developing gut functions during the postnatal period. 

About the talk

High water intake is generally thought of as being one component of a healthy lifestyle, and recent observational findings suggest that water intake may be associated with metabolic health. However, the idea that water intake or hydration may play an independent role in modulating disease risk is relatively recent. 

The literature provides clues, scattered across time and across various study designs, that together provide evidence for an intrinsic effect of the regulation of body water balance on glycemic and insulinemic markers. 

In this talk, we invite you on a journey through time, tracing the key findings that have built the rationale for water interventions to prevent metabolic dysfunction.