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ACSM Annual Meeting 2018

2018/04/18 65th American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting Minneapolis (USA), May 29th - June 2nd, 2018

Interest in hydration science, extending beyond performance implications, has grown over the past decade.

Today, the field of hydration science includes topics around water and fluid intake habits, occupational health and safety, kidney health, and the long-term implications of chronic water-saving.

Healthy Hydration for Health Academy.

This pre-conference entitled “Hydration For Health Academy: Historical perspectives and emerging evidence of the importance of hydration beyond performance” will cover:

  • A historical perspective on the origins of hydration research, its evolution to cover questions around hydration in daily life, and accurate assessment of water and fluid intake;
  • Dehydration mechanisms and impact from three health perspectives: Mesoamerican Nephropathy, a renal disease resulting from recurrent heat stress, intense physical activity at work and repeated cycles of dehydration ; dehydration associated with exercise and heat stress linked to oxidative stress and DNA damage; and exercise and cardiac output at high intensity linked to renal injury.

It was held on May 29th from 4PM to 7PM, see flyer for more information.

The abstract book is now available !

Download the abstract here: danone_acsm_2018_abstract_vf.pdf

Download the flyer here: danone_eflyer_acsm_2018.pdf

Hydration for Health Academy