« Make healthy hydration the new norm »

EFAD Conference 2019

12th European Federation of the Association of Dietitians Conference

On November 1st and 2nd, the 12th EFAD conference is held in Berlin (Germany) around four topics of interests: research, education, clinical practice and public health.

Hydration For Health will participate a plenary session in the frame of the European Healthy Hydration Awareness Campaign, (EuHHAC) a joint initiative between EFAD and Danone Nutricia Research. EuHHAC aims at increasing awareness and knowledge on healthy hydration among dietitians and health professionals.

High water intake is generally thought of as being one component of a healthy lifestyle, and recent observational findings suggest that water intake may be associated with metabolic health. However, the idea that water intake or hydration may play an independent role in modulating disease risk is relatively recent.

The first talk will introduce the effect of the regulation of body water balance on glycemic and insulinemic markers, tracing key findings that have built the rational for water interventions to prevent metabolic dysfunctions, and focusing in on 1-week, 6-week and 1-year interventions of increasing water intake. The idea that water intake may play a role in modulating disease risk calls for a greater understanding on understanding the psychology behind desires for different beverages, and what can be done to change behaviors. Thus, it is key to understand the psychology of food and drink choices.

The second talk will explore the psychology of desires for unhealthy food and drink, despite healthy intentions. A variety of research studies will show how different food and drink cues trigger spontaneous consumption and reward simulations, that can vary dynamically as a function of context, and of individual learning histories. The understanding of these mechanisms can facilitate the development of healthy hydration habits. The last lecture will explore a case study of high sugar, low water drinkers in Mexico and their overall attitudes towards drinking and life in general, to thus be able to offer potential recommendations for interventions to promote the adoption of healthier drinking habits.

The session entitled Hydration and metabolic health: from the early scientific evidence to the drivers of behavior change is held on November 1st from 14h to 15h30 with the following agenda:

  • Introduction and chair: Pauline Douglas, RD, FBDA from the University of Ulster, UK
  • A journey through the early evidence linking hydration to metabolic health by Tiphaine Vanhaecke Ph.D., Danone Nutricia Research, France
  • Grounding and changing desire for food and drink by Dr. Esther Papies. Ph.D., University of Glasgow, UK
  • Understanding attitudes to change to healthier hydration habits: The case of high sugar - low water drinkers in Mexico by Aukje Verhoeven, Ph.D., Danone Nutricia Research, France

Additionally, a lecture entitled “Do kids have a same fluid intake patterns across the world?” will be presented by Tiphaine Vanhaecke, PhD on behalf of Clémentine Morin on Nov. 1st at 16h15 room MOA 5.

Come & meet us at the hydration booth in the exhibition area.

To know more about the session, check EFAD Newsletter: https://efadconference.com/think-about-hydration-protect-your-health/