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World Congress of Nephrology 2019

ISN’s 10th biennial World Congress on Nephrology (WCN), April 12th - 15th, 2019, in Melbourne, Australia.

The ISN World Congress of Nephrology, taking place in Melbourne, Australia from April 12th  to 15th , 2019, is an international conference that investigates the scientific and clinical aspects on kidney-related diseases.

The Hydration For Health session during this event focused on the relationship that water may have as a prevention method of polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and has on urinary tract infections (UTI) recurrence.

Water plays an important role on the outcome of UTIs, and there are indicators that it could also positively impact PKD. The association between a decrease in cysts in PKD and augmented water intake has also been shown.¹

After a brief introduction on the theme by Dr. Louise Moist, the first talk, presented by Conor F. Underwood, explored the relationship between water intake, hypertension and PKD at central level. His preclinical studies explored the regulation of blood pressure through the osmoreceptors in the brain.

The second session is animated by Dr. Gopi Rangan, MBBS, PhD, FRACP, presente an ongoing a randomized controlled trial investigating the impact of prescribed fluid intake to slow the development of kidney failure due to autosomal dominant PKD. Prof. Rangan described the protocol and characterize the participants. 

Lastly, the final presentation, conducted by Dr. Alison Iroz, PhD, on behalf of Dr. Thomas Hooton, M.D., was on the impact of adequate hydration on acute uncomplicated UTIs in premenopausal women. For the first time, it has been demonstrated that by increasing daily water intake by 1.2L, the recurrence of UTIs can be cut in half in low drinker’s women².

This session will be held on April 14th, 2019 from 13h15 to 14h30. The information flyer is also available below.

Download the abstract book of the session here