« Make healthy hydration the new norm »

Our Mission

Who are we?

Launched as a Danone Nutricia Research initiative in 2008, Hydration for Health works on global public health issues related to water consumption and unhealthy drinking habits. By supporting the future of hydration science and creating tools and materials to spread awareness, we advocate for healthier and sustainable hydration behaviors.

Today, we are proud to count in a strong community of hydrationists from scientists to health care professionals, non-governmental organizations, and even health enthusiasts connecting from all around the world to empower each other and make a positive change on people’s health through healthy hydration.

We aim to raise public awareness on healthy hydration and encourage sustainable healthy hydration habits through scientific research, education, and practical tools.

Make healthy hydration the new norm!

Obesity, kidney, and metabolic diseases are major public health challenges that healthy hydration may help prevent! Yet, nutritional advice focuses mainly on food intake while under-estimating the significant impact drinking unhealthy beverages or not enough water may have on our global diet, daily well-being, and long-term health.

Water can no longer be the forgotten nutrient. We want to empower not only health care professionals and researchers but also the general public to actively think about what we drink and how much we drink and to create healthier hydration habits. Together, let’s make healthy hydration the new norm!

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