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The International Society of Nephrology

Our shared vision

Our partnership with the International Society of Nephrology aimed to promote research initiative in order to catalyze effort to be able to achieve two main goals:

  • Raising awareness and knowledge on how hydration affects kidney health.
  • Expanding scientific evidence in the field of the effect of hydration on kidney health.
Our joint mission

Since its foundation in 1960, the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) has pursued the worldwide advancement of education, science, and patient care in nephrology (the medical sub-specialty dealing with kidneys). In this frame and in collaboration with Hydration for Health, many research studies were supported, and many research opportunities were created: the ISN-H4KH New Investigator Award, the H4KH Research Grant and the ISN H4KH Research Fellowship.

Our highlight actions and directions

Recent publications on kidney health and hydration

One of the goals behind joining efforts with our partner ISN is to advocate for water intake to prevent kidney health diseases and to study potential effects of hydration on patients with chronic kidney diseases. In this frame, Wagner’s latest scientific paper was published in 2021. The paper studies associations between water intake and progression of chronic kidney health diseases. In addition to the recent study conducted by De Silva A. published in 2020 exploring the perception of water in the context of chronic kidney diseases.

ISN-H4KH initiative

As Prof. Louise Moist and Prof. Adeera Levin mentioned in the video, hydration science is essential for nephrology study. In order to provide access to the state of the art of hydration, the Hydration for Health Academy is embedded in the ISN Education platform since 2019.

The objectives of the ISN-H4KH Initiative are:

  • To enhance awareness and knowledge on hydration and hydration biomarkers
  • To expand the level of scientific evidence on the effects of hydration on kidney health
  • To engage researchers in the development of transdisciplinary research networks
  • To create sustainable momentum in supporting research in the effect of hydration and kidney health

In this frame, three research opportunities have been created : the ISN-H4KH New Investigator Award, the H4KH Research Grant, the ISN H4KH Research Fellowship.

The first call for the ISN-H4KH New investigator Grant and Hydration & Kidney Health Grant was awarded in 2016. As there remains a need to continue to build research capacity and evidence in the field of hydration for kidney health, the ISN and Danone Nutricia Research launched in 2017 a second call for the ISN-H4KH New Investigator Award and the ISN- H4KH Research Grant. In addition, the ISN H4KH Research Fellowship was created in 2017.

Learn more about the initiative, research project and grants : HERE.

ISN-H4KH New Investigator Grant

Applicants spent up to 12 months working at the Kidney Clinical Research Unit in London, Ontario (Canada). They gained new skills in clinical research, statistical analysis and began work on research projects related to hydration for kidney health. In the second year, they completed their research project and built an infrastructure to support for further research in hydration. The research was then presented at the World Congress of Nephrology and a paper was submitted to a peer-reviewed journal.

ISN-H4KH Hydration and Kidney Health Grant

Grants were funded to researchers with expertise in and access to:

  • Reliable and valid data in an existing data base
  • Data reflective of a representative sample of the general population and or a population with chronic kidney disease
  • Demographics and comorbidities (Diabetes and hypertension)
  • Serial measure of kidney function

ISN H4KH Research Fellowship

Created in 2017, applicants had the opportunity to work with the Hydration and Health Department in Palaiseau & other scientific networks to expand the level of evidence & awareness on the impact of drinking water and kidney health. Applicants were able to increase their knowledge and understanding on how the science of hydration could be applied in disease prevention and into public health policies.

Discover more about the call and applications HERE.