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Dive into the multidisciplinary topic of hydration and increase your knowledge on the impact of water on health, through expert video courses.

Hydration for Dietitians by EFAD

Prof A.Ginkel, Prof P. Douglas

If you are a dietitian, or interested in dietetics, this course is made for you. Learn how to educate about healthy hydration and the role of dietitians.

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Hydration Basics

Prof. Stavros A. Kavouras, Prof. Ivan Tack

In this course, you will find the fundamentals on hydration physiology and hydration measurement. We highly recommend it if you are new to it!

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Water & Fluid Intake

Prof. König, Dr. Gandy, Prof. Martinez, Dr. Guelinckx

In this course, you will go deeper on fluid intake and water recommendations. Find out more about drinking habits worldwide too.

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Water is a forgotten nutrient. The Hydration for Health academy was developed to create a common core of knowledge in hydration science. It was inspired by scientists and students in the various fields of physiology, nutrition and public health.
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