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Young Researcher Award winner 2015 : Dr. Evan Johnson

Each year, the Hydration for Health Initiative invites young researchers in the field of healthy hydration to submit abstracts focusing on novel research in the field of hydration and health.

Continuing an annual tradition of recognizing young talent in the field of hydration research, Professor Evan Johnson, currently at the University of Wyoming (USA), was honored as this year’s recipient of the 2015 H4H Young Researcher of the Year award.

Hydration for Health - Young Researcher Award

Professor Evan Johnson did not start off as a hydrationist but his passion has grown throughout his career.  Coming from a background on the physical activity side of the health equation, Professor Johnson found his interest veering toward hydration and its impact on thermoregulation while researching athletes such as football players and soldiers during training operations.  Completing his PhD at the University of Connecticut in 2014 and continuing his training as a post-doctoral associate at the University of Arkansas, Professor Johnson’s research has centered on water intake and type 2 diabetes.  On July 1, 2015, during the H4H Annual Scientific Conference, Professor Johnson presented his current research which investigated the impact of low water intake on blood glucose regulation.  

His research found that in a sample of men with type 2 diabetes, three days of low water intake negatively impacted blood glucose response and insulin sensitivity, indicating a new and exciting area of hydration research.  

In its fourth year, the H4H Young Researcher of the Year award inspires diverse perspectives on hydration research, with topics ranging from adolescence and pediatrics to vasopressin and metabolic syndrome to the impact of hydration on endothelial function.  A strong batch of seven candidates from across the globe submitted proposals, making it a tough decision for the H4H Expert Working Group.  

We look forward to seeing more from Professor Johnson in the coming years.