« Make healthy hydration the new norm »

Redefining thirst towards a holistic biopsychological model

By Harriet Carroll

Recorded on 23/06/2021

water science 2021 edition


Harriet earned her PhD at the University of Bath in 2019, focusing on the physiology and psychology of hydration and health. As well as working in the NHS as a clinical researcher on a COVID study and supervising MSc students at the University of Bristol, Harriet is also an honorary research fellow in Professor Olle Melander’s lab at Lund University. She has published research on the impacts of hydration status on appetite, thirst, blood sugar regulation, the physiological stress response, and the hormone FGF21 in healthy humans. Harriet is currently using novel epidemiological methods to understand water metabolism and health, and is creating innovative models of hydration, health, and disease based on physiologically abnormal states, such as under the influence of the psychedelic drug MDMA.

Twitter: @angryhacademic