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Associations between water consumption and gut microbiota composition in the American Gut Project Database

By Tiphaine Vanhaecke

Recorded on 23/06/2021

2021 edition Gut microbiota


Tiphaine Vanhaecke is a health and hydration scientist at Danone Nutricia Research, France. She earned her MS in food science from AgroSup Dijon, France and worked for nutrition divisions of food industries where she developed analytical methods to evaluate the residual activity of bioactive compounds in various food matrices. Passionate about understanding how nutrition impacts health, Tiphaine pursued a Ph.D in Gut Physiology and Nutrition at the University of Nantes, France where she studied the impact of early nutrition on the developing gut functions during the postnatal period. In 2017, Tiphaine joined Danone Research where she began leading research projects investigating the links between hydration and health to better understand the mechanisms and metabolic consequences of water balance regulation in the general population. Her current research interests span the areas of nutrition, microbiome, and metabolic health.