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2. The role of Dietitians in hydration education

Learning objectives

  • To set the scene of using the current science and knowledge to implement hydration in practice.
  • To demonstrate the importance of fluid assessment and give examples of fluid records.
  • To explain the challenges of investigating drinking behaviour in order to make appropriate recommendations.
  • To provide practical advice for enhancing fluid intake in older people in long-term care settings.
  • To explain the physical changes occurring in older people that can increase the risk of dehydration.
  • To explain the importance of older people in staying well-hydrated and the importance of being aware of the hydration requirements and characteristics of this population.


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2- http://www.efad.org/en-us/euhhac-hydration-resource-center/

Chapter 1: Translating hydration research for dietitians practice
Chapter 2: Assessing hydration during dietitian’s daily practice
Chapter 3: Hydration for elderly