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Hydra Scale

How can we easily keep an eye on our hydration level?

Your level of hydration could have an impact on your health on a short- and long-term basis.

However, it is not so easy to measure your hydration in your everyday life. This is the reason, we developed the HydraScale tool. The purpose of this tool is to provide you with an intuitive method to measure your hydration level by simply looking at your urine color.

Assessing your hydration can be done simply by comparing your urine color to the HydraScale:

  • Pale yellow, or “straw-colored” urine means hydration is optimal 1,2,3
  • On the other hand, darker urine means one may not be drinking enough. The darker the urine, the more risk there is to be dehydrated!

Help your kids to keep an eye on their hydration level!

Hydration is particularly important for children since they have higher daily water requirement relative to body mass4 and they depend on adults for regular access to water. Hence, special attention should be paid to ensure a good hydration level throughout the day.

To help children stay aware of their hydration level and to drink when needed, we developed a specific version of the HydraScale. This version called pee-meter is more playful and fun to use with the addition of a drop character. For children5,6,7, the understanding and appreciation of the HydraScale were validated through specific studies.

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