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Early Career Researcher Award 2022

Every year, Hydration for Health invites early career researchers in the field of hydration and health to submit an abstract of their work and take part in the Pitch Your Science! challenge.

During the 14th digital edition of the Hydration for Health Scientific Conference, 5 finalists presented their research and the attendees had the opportunity to vote for their favourite. After a very close contest, it was Stephanie Nishi who won the #ECRA2022 award!

This conference is a talent accelerator and a key event where early career researchers can present their work on hydration and connect with a dynamic network. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Want to learn more about the contest?

Below, you will find information on the benefits and the process, who’s eligible and much more!


The scientific work should be submitted in the form of an abstract. It must describe the results of novel research that contributes to the scientific field of hydration and health.

Submission is encouraged in, but not restricted to, the following areas related to hydration: nutrition, non-communicable diseases, public health, hydration biomarkers, cognition, kidney health, behavior, intake studies, physical activity, exercise, sustainability and climate change.

If you are unsure whether or not your topic fits, reach out to us by email on ecra@hydrationforhealth.com. We would be happy to assist you!

Prizes - What’s in it for the participant?

The winner of the 2022 Hydration for Health Conference receives

On top of finalists’ benefits (see list below)

  • The Early Career Researcher Award – trophy & certificate.
  • 1 Exclusive mentorship session. The winner will receive the opportunity to ask for a specific mentorship to the Scientific Committee. The Committee guarantees it will find a suitable mentor (amongst the Committee, the Hydrationists community or their personal networks) for this purpose and will personally introduce the Awardee to facilitate this session.
  • He/She will be given the opportunity to submit a full article in the proceeding of the Annual Hydration for Health Scientific Conference. Hydration for Health Proceedings 2021 were published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism, a peer review journal from Karger Publishing Group. Access it here

The shortlisted Finalists receive

  • A one-to-one coaching session by a previous finalist of the Early Career Researcher Award contest before the TEST Pitch session they’ll have in front of the Scientific Committee
  • A TEST Pitch coaching session in front of the Scientific Committee.This is a unique opportunity to dry run your presentation in front of experts who will give you their personalized feedback and guide you to improve your scientific communication skills. The exercise will allow to make some final corrections before the recording of your final Pitch.
  • A dedicated personalized follow up by 1 Scientific Committee member, who will collate the Committee members’ feedback and have some discussion to finetune this Presentation before the final recording.
  • All Finalists will get the Exclusive opportunity to present their Pitch during the 14th Hydration for Health Scientific Conference 2022, to take place on June 22nd, 2022.
  • The chance to win the 2022 Early Career researcher Award, voted by the audience.